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FIDOplaysZAPPA On The Dental Floss (DVD)

Recorded Live August 2008 on the Kulturfloss in river Rhyne, Basel.
Including subtitles in English & Baseldytsch.
Total Running time: 72 mins.

2 More Trouble Everyday – 3 Andy – 4 Inca Roads – 5 Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance – 6 What’s The Ugliest Part Of Your Body – 7 Honey Don’t You Want A Man Like Me? 8 Peaches En Regalia – 9 Once Upon A Time – 10 Sofa *2 – 11 Grillin – 12 Dancin Fool – 13 What’s New In Baltimore – 14 Let’s Move To Cleveland - 15 Cosmic Debris – 16 The Idiot Bastard Son – 17 Zomby Woof – 18 Montana- 19 Musician’s Salary

Dave Muscheidt – Vocals, Dave Blaser – Trumpet, Alex Hilbe – Alto & Baritone Saxofon, Ueli Pletscher – Tenor Saxofon & Flute, Christoph Huber – Trombone, Oli Friedli – Piano & Keys, Martin Medimorec – Vibraphone, Marimba & Percusson, Steff Strittmatter – Guitar & Vocals, Pascal Grünenfelder – Bass & Vocals, Remy Sträuli – Drums & Vocals

FIDOplaysZAPPA are a swiss ten-piece-band coming from a wide background ranging from classical, jazz to rock. Each of the ten musicians brings essential abilities and ingredients to this project. Both of which are important to do justice to the huge variety within the repertoire of Frank Zappa. From the mind-blowing high-speed-lines of «Inca Roads» to the funky grooves of «Zomby Woof», from the relaxed laid-back-feel of «Cosmic Debris» to the over-the-top humour of «Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance», FiDOplaysZAPPA in the middle of the river Rhyne – perform an hour of Zappa classics as well as some rare gems. This DVD lets you witness that special summerevening in 2007 when FpZ turned the «kulturfloss» into the «dental floss» and answered the omnipresent question «does humour belong in music?» with a loud and proud YES!

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