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Pseudónimo de Pando (London, 1969). Compositor, guitarra y voz. Inglès de ascendentes alemanes y residente en Londres.

Pando: voz, guitarra/ukulele

Stu Ritchie (bateria)
Geoff Threadgold (bajo)
Gregorio Fonten (teclados)
Bryony Afferson (voz)
Lizzy O’Connor (voz y mandolina).

Estilo: Country-Cabaret-Folk-Funk-Rock-Hawaii.

Influencias: Richard Thompson, JJ Cale, Leo Kottke, Django Reinhardt.

Idioma: Inglés.

Conexiones: Kerkhoff.

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We Want Pando
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01 - Pando
02 - Donkey Meat
03 - Ranko
04 - My Wife Doesn't Understand
05 - Island Bride
06 - You Shook The World
07 - Christians
08 - Year Of The Donkey
09 - Pooping & Parping
10 - You Don't Make Me Laugh
11 - Some Other Country
12 - Smarty Pants
13 - This Town
14 - Stinkbomber
15 - Dirty River Thames
16 - Bully
17 - Fortress

Cow punched by Pando.

Recorded & mixed by Rafa Dominguez & Paco Lahiguera at Laboratiorio Espacial de Sonido, Movera, Zaragoza except track 17, produced by Ilford Wristy at His Pleasure

Mastering by José Ramon Tenas

Design by Fatima @ BrownTrouser Techniques

Tracks 01, 10 & 15 feature Tongo on drums
Track 05 features Talmus on violin
Track 17 features Terence Majorca

All tracks written by Lobby Derkins, except tracks 10 by Derkins, Barde & 17 by Derkins, Wristy

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Hands On Pando
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Hall of Fame Records 2009

Recorded & Mixed by Rafa Dominguez

Special Thanks to:
Javier GarcĂ­a: Tuba, trombone
Jaime Lapeña: Fiddle
Rafa Dominguez: Vocals, guitar, percussion
Dani Guruz: Vocals

Painting by Colin Shearing

01 - Hands On Pando
02 - Walkie Talkie
03 - Bad Guy Gets The Girl
04 - Pondo
05 - No Flies On Me
06 - Kill Yourself
07 - Junie
08 - Blues Consultancy
09 - Been In The Jungle So Long
10 - Splashdown
11 - Bricks

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Snapshots of Pando
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HOF-030-CD (2006)

A collection of informal snaps taken over the last few years, indispensable to Pando enthusiasts.

Saxes by Big Fat Bartle
Fiddle by Carlos "Talmus" Gonzalvo
Vocals on track 8 by Big Fat Bartle, Ilford Wristy and Thatcher George

All songs by Lobby Derkins
Special thanks to Luis and to Shipley
design by Fatima at Brown Trouser Techniques

Who Shot Pando?
Don't Want To Play In Your Band Anymore
My Love Shines
Play The Trumpet
A Bit Of Alright
Used To / Folky Dokey / Folk Me
The Be-All & End-All
Is It Voodoo?
On The Dotted Line
She's A Mooslem
I Don't Believe In Jesus
Modern Living
The Gipper
Tell Your Mama To Leave Me Alone
Who Goes There?/ Light Pollution
Strange Men
Last Meeting With Pando

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Deathbed Pando

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L Ron Pando

Exclusivamente en descarga digital. Al dar al botón se irá a la página de Bandcamp.

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