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El bajista Pascal Grünenfelder cayó fascinado en 1987 por las composiciones de Zappa y el humor absurdo de canciones como “Zomby Woof”, “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” o “Dinah-Moe Humm” y terminó abrumado por la expresión musical brillante, irreverente, humorística e irónica del maestro de todas las fusiones. Inspirado por los collages de sonido de las Mothers of Invention, la expansión en los 70 del jazz-rock Helgen, las grandes formaciones grandilocuentes de los 80 y las modernas obras orquestales de Varese-admirador de Zappa, se unió a un montón de personas con ideas afines para interpretar perlas seleccionadas del repertorio zappiano.


Los diez músicos interpretan con virtuosismo el repertorio clásico de Zappa y no tienen miedo al enfoque poco convencional para responder a la pregunta de Zappa “¿El humor pertenece a la música?” Con un entusiasta sí. La libertad de improvisación es explotada descaradamente y los límites estilísticos rotos sin piedad explotando la diversidad musical y la composición de la obra llena de humor de Zappa.

Too Big To Fail (CD)
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Recorded live in spring 2010 at Onedrop Studio Basel by Eric Gut, mixed by Dave Muscheidt at Megapeng Studios, mastered by Darren Hayne. All music written by Frank Zappa except 5, 12, 15 & 17 by FiDOplaysZAPPA, arranged by Pascal Grünenfelder & FiDOplaysZAPPA.

It’s been nearly two decades since the late, great Frank Zappa switched off the lights and said farewell to the mortal stage. As a logical progression in their Zappa reincarnation, FiDOplaysZAPPA pull the plug themselves: On „Too Big To Fail“ the ten musical daredevils put aside their electric driven machinery and approach Zappa’s works completely acoustically. Fans of Clapton call this „unplugged“ and light candles to „Tears In Heaven“. But Zappa remains Zappa, and even a „debugged“ Fido remains a vicious dog lurking silently in the twilight, ready to take a hearty bite out of the poor listener’s calf at the next opportunity. Means: a quiter Fido isn’t equal to a soft one. Albeit a moderately turned up volume control, the new arrangements of classics like „Montana“ or „Camarillo Brillo“ are a far cry from toothless elevator muzak. Cocktail-clad classic „Black Napkins“ receives an unexpected turn into dark deepness, „Camarillo Brillo“ hears our dog’s howl turn into a pedal steel, and the „Yellow Snow“ suite extends on for thirteen frosty minutes to become a radio play of tundra-like dimensions.1 Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow – 2 Nanook Rubs It – 3 St.Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast – 4 Father O’Blivion – 5 Catapostrophe – 6 Black Napkins – 7 Camarillo Brillo – 8 Sofa No:2 – 9 Dupree’s Paradise– 10 Let’s Make The Water Turn Black – 11 Montana – 12 Colonia 4711 – 13 Eat That Question – 14 More Trouble Everyday – 15 Basle III – 16 What’s New In Baltimore – 17 Musician`s Salary (Extended Version)

In conclusion: An Eco-Zappa works just as well. It has to – after all, as ten-piece Fido is too big to fail.

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FIDOplaysZAPPA On The Dental Floss (DVD)
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Recorded Live August 2008 on the Kulturfloss in river Rhyne, Basel.
Including subtitles in English & Baseldytsch.
Total Running time: 72 mins.

2 More Trouble Everyday – 3 Andy – 4 Inca Roads – 5 Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance – 6 What’s The Ugliest Part Of Your Body – 7 Honey Don’t You Want A Man Like Me? 8 Peaches En Regalia – 9 Once Upon A Time – 10 Sofa *2 – 11 Grillin – 12 Dancin Fool – 13 What’s New In Baltimore – 14 Let’s Move To Cleveland - 15 Cosmic Debris – 16 The Idiot Bastard Son – 17 Zomby Woof – 18 Montana- 19 Musician’s Salary

Dave Muscheidt – Vocals, Dave Blaser – Trumpet, Alex Hilbe – Alto & Baritone Saxofon, Ueli Pletscher – Tenor Saxofon & Flute, Christoph Huber – Trombone, Oli Friedli – Piano & Keys, Martin Medimorec – Vibraphone, Marimba & Percusson, Steff Strittmatter – Guitar & Vocals, Pascal Grünenfelder – Bass & Vocals, Remy Sträuli – Drums & Vocals

FIDOplaysZAPPA are a swiss ten-piece-band coming from a wide background ranging from classical, jazz to rock. Each of the ten musicians brings essential abilities and ingredients to this project. Both of which are important to do justice to the huge variety within the repertoire of Frank Zappa. From the mind-blowing high-speed-lines of «Inca Roads» to the funky grooves of «Zomby Woof», from the relaxed laid-back-feel of «Cosmic Debris» to the over-the-top humour of «Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance», FiDOplaysZAPPA in the middle of the river Rhyne – perform an hour of Zappa classics as well as some rare gems. This DVD lets you witness that special summerevening in 2007 when FpZ turned the «kulturfloss» into the «dental floss» and answered the omnipresent question «does humour belong in music?» with a loud and proud YES!

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